Friday, 11 April 2014


I take the business of rehearsals very seriously, both as a theatre actress and a director. With time, I have slowly started to understand the subtleties that develop in your character work if you give it time to grow and develop. No character work happens overnight. You have to live with that other person for weeks before you can fully flesh them out, and live with the other characters in the cast as well.

As you become more experienced, you can shave off some time and steps in this process because your soul connects with the character, and finds a deeper empathy with other characters as well. That said, well executed and meaningful rehearsals give you a chance to stretch your legs as a character, try different choices, and make it work.

This saying can apply to most things in life, but it is especially poignant for the performing arts, where there is a constant process of fine-tuning, adjusting to new tech additions, costumes, sets, props, etc.

What are your favorite rehearsal stories?