Sunday, 6 April 2014

Your Face

I use the phrase "your face" a lot. A LOT. I find that it is as appropriate an answer as any, in any given situation. For instance, when your kid asks you, "Why...?" about every topic under the sun, and you're not up to giving logical answers anymore, "Because your face..." is perfectly acceptable, in the most loving way, of course.

Don't get me wrong, I love my kids. I certainly love them more than other humans. I'm not sure if I've always been grumpy (there are some pictures of me as a baby looking fairly disgusted with life), or if my grump-factor is increasing with age, but I find increasingly that there is no hope for the human race. As someone who has to oversee a fairly active social network due to my job, I find that a number of the prolific commentators on public posts are pushing forth arguments that range from making no sense whatsoever to being downright offensive. It is in those moments when my urge to answer with a "your face" is at its peak.

It is not only consigned to moments of general flabbergasted abandon, though. "You face" is a state of mind I often enter into after lunch, when the sugar all rushes to my head and causes complete delirium, as noted by my colleagues. At which point, anything could prompt a "your face".

If I do say so myself, it is truly the most liberating phrase in the world. Let us bask in our "your face"ness, let us liberate ourselves from the shackles of imperfect communication, and let us embrace our inner grump with a touch of playfulness.

Welcome to your face. It is your face, after all.